40 Lexington St.

Building Type

Single Family Residence


40 Lexington St.


Liberty Heights


Sep 1907



Current Condition

House is still standing, may have been converted to a 2-family. Much of the ornamentation is missing.


I actually have two cards of this house, both from the same sender, and purchased from two completely different sources. In addition, Jim Boone has a third card.

Reverse Text

Card #1: Came home a week ago by New Bedford it has rained all week here until today. Robert is away on his vacation. E.C. Sterns.
Card #2: I did not receive any letter from you when in Nantucket nor since I came home. M.A. Fuller wrote to me when there and I did not get that either. -- E.C. Sterns.
Card #3: Emily C. Sterns & Son Robert Hall Sterns.


Card #1: Mrs. Mary A. Fuller 85-7 Warren Ave Brocton, MA
Card #2: Mill Nelllie M. Coffin 100 Boylston St. Room 1026 Boston, Mass
Card #3: Postally unused.